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Manufacturer of monodispersed microspheres,NIST traceable standards, magnetic particles, color polystyrene particles, nanospheres, Slide Latex Agglutination

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Magsphere, Inc. is pleased to offer high-quality in house manufacturing of monodispersed polystyrene latex particles, also known as uniform latex particles, latex nanoparticles, and monosized latex paticles to the medical and scientific communities.

For more than two decades, our products have been used in both research and commercial diagnostic applications. By working directly with our customers, we are proud to provide high quality monosized latex nanospheres and microspheres and the technical support necessary for the development of successful particle-based products. Our products can be used as NIST traceable particle size standards, FACS standards, as well as in slide agglutination tests (latex agglutination tests such as CRP and HCG), lateral-flow rapid tests and particle enhanced turbidimetric and nephelometric immunoassays. Our precision microbeads are also used as LCD spacers to control cell gap.

Using patented and proprietary microsphere and nanosphere technology, our products are mostly monodispersed and available in diameter ranges from 20 nm to 40 um. Aside from our basic white polystyrene particles, we also produce intensely dyed colored particles, fluorescent microspheres, and surfactant free latex. Microspheres and nanospheres are also available that are chemically modified with functional groups such as carboxyl, amine, and chloromethyl.

Our magnetic particles, magnetic beads, and magnetic nanoparticles are synthesized by embedding superparamagnetic iron oxide crystals in a polystyrene matrix. They are specially designed for use either with hydrophobic surfaces for protein adsorption or with carboxylic acid groups on their surface for covalent conjugation. Three convenient sizes of magnetic particles (average sizes of 0.8um, 2 um and 5 um) are ideal for magnetic cell separation and magnetic cell isolation, automated immunoassays, and concentration or purification of peptides or proteins from biological samples.

We can conduct a custom synthesis in 50 to 100 ml batches of special latex particle, latex microspheres, magnetic particles, fluorescent microspheres, or any polymer particles that are not listed as standard products. To meet your full-scale production, we manufacture reproducible latex in 5 liters to 150 liter resin reactors. We can collaborate with your research team to scale up your custom batch size of microspheres or nanospheres according to your needs.

For more information on our particle products, please visit our product page, or contact us directly for additional information.


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NIST Traceable

NIST traceable size standards under SEM.


Florescent Green Beads

Fluorescent microspheres.


slide smaller

Latex particles for slide agglutination test.


magnetic cell isolation2

Magnetic cell isolation.



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We are ISO 9001:2008 certified


We manufacture monodispersed microspheres,NIST traceable size standards, magnetic particles, color polystyrene particles, nanospheres, Slide Latex Agglutination



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